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Sometimes Australians get stuck searching for personal contact information or mobile phone numbers. Or sometimes they receive an anonymous mobile phone call and wonder who that phone number is registered to and whether it is a spam call or not. However, tracing a mobile phone number’s ID because it is a premium category of data. The mobile white pages are an ideal method to find the information of a mobile phone number and also identify the features of these numbers. If you are wondering what are the Mobile white pages? Lists of mobile white pages of Australia's most popular mobile providers? This post is for you.

What are the Mobile white pages?

Mobile white pages is a modern phone book that contains the contact information of names, addresses, and phone numbers of customers who are using telephone services of a particular telephone provider in a locality, a state or a country. In Australia, several big telecommunication companies which provide mobile white pages are Lycamobile, Optus, Telstra, Vodafone…

The Mobile white pages is used to lookup a mobile phone number by plugging a name, service providers. It allows users to find information related to a person or mobile phone number quickly, exactly and effectively.

The Importance of the Mobile white pages

It is difficult for people to find out any other individual mobile phone numbers or trace a cell phone number’s ID because the locality white pages contain only landline phone numbers. In addition, mobile phone data falls into a more premium category of data that requires complex processing to identify owner's and associated locations. Some telephone companies that allow you to trace unlisted cell phone number owners even if you charge a transaction fee. It also really takes users a lot of time to search for a mobile phone number on Google; besides, you might just get lucky enough to find the information about the mobile telephone number you are looking for.

As the most trusted data source, The Mobile white pages aims to look up a mobile phone number and provide more information about an individual so that people can get to know and keep in touch with each other, reconnect with their old relationships, identify an individual's background, discover who is calling and telephone providers.Using powerful systems and unique data analytics software, the Mobile white pages automatically identify whether the calls are spams, scams, robocalls or not. This feature helps users protect their security and prevent crime.

Lists of mobile white pages of Australia's most popular mobile providers.


Founded in July 1975 in Telstra Corporate Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Telstra is the largest and oldest wireless carrier in Australia with 99.5% of the population covered by the Telstra mobile network. Due to the development of the company, Telstra has provided a variety of mobile phone number plans, wide-reaching service, and also other promotions to attract more customers’ attention.

Telstra provides a range of prefixes of mobile phone numbers, including 0400, 0407, 0408, 0409, 0417, 0418, 0419, 0427, 0428, 0429, 0436, 0437, 0438, 0439, 0440.. Because of the huge number of subscribers, Telstra contains a massive database of mobile phone number lists that contribute to the mobile white pages.


Optus is the second-largest wireless mobile provider in Australia. It was established in 1981 and quickly developed into one of Australia's most popular mobile providers. Optus now serves 98.5% of the Australian population for mobile telephone number services.

Optus is known as the Singtel Optus Pty Limited - a powerful company which provides network and data services to other small telephone companies. As a result, the mobile phone number data of the mobile white pages is massive.


Lycamobile is one of the world’s largest mobile virtual network operators operating in 23 countries across five continents – including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uganda, the UK and Russia...Lycamobile offers telephone numbers with the prefixes of 0469, 0470, 0471 with many data plans and sim only deals to their customers.

Lycamobile is one of the few telcos that focus on providing international calls, so it is an ideal provider for expats, travellers, international students and business who often make international calls. Therefore, their mobile white pages vary in different kinds of customers.


One of the ‘Big Four’ mobile providers in Australia, Vodafone’s users reached 23 million (out of 25 million) Australians covered, which accounted for 96% of the metropolitan population. Vodafone contains a huge database in mobile phone books in a variety of areas due to the coverage even in rural regions outside large cities.

Reasons to use the Who called me’s mobile white pages

  • Convenient and efficient
  • You can quickly search for a mobile phone number using the name of your contact or reserve mobile phone number lookup. With these extensive sources, this website rarely fails to provide information on any mobile phone lookup search. In addition, the Mobile white pages opens access to in-depth information that might not be provided by a basic search on Google so that users can uncover new results of the caller.

  • Correct
  • The accuracy and quality of the information from this service are by far the best. Data was collected from credible sources and regularly updated, giving users the most correct results.

  • Fast and easy
  • Its unique data analytics software system helps directly pinpoint the mobile phone number owner or information which users are searching for.

    The interface is user-friendly so that it is easy for users who are not tech-savvy to use it.

  • Powerful system and massive database
  • The mobile white pages was based on a massive database which is integrated from various credible sources from the phone number databases of telephone companies, and service providers, social networking sites, and public records, state and county criminal records. It is well-equipped with a powerful system that helps analyse big data and provide accurate information.

  • Private Security
  • The Mobile white pages takes privacy concerns seriously. It is designed to be 100% safe for users and other people. This website only shows necessary information related to the callers and hardly provides serious private information, for example, a person's social security numbers. Using this kind of information might lead to identity theft and credit fraud which pose threats to users.

How to search for a person’s mobile number on the Who called me’s Mobile white pages?

Find information of telephone operators providing phone numbers by searching at the WhocalledmeAU. For instance

  • On your browser's search bar, navigate to
  • Click on the search bar on the website interface to access the mobile phone book.
  • Input mobile phone number you want to search for.
  • Click the “Search” button

Results page will appear after searching. If that person's information and phone number are stored in the mobile phone book of WhocalledmeAU, it immediately tells you what type of phone and information which are linked to the number.

How does the Who called me’s mobile white pages collect data?

The Mobile white pages has a reliable database which is provided by particular telecommunications service providers through business contracts. It also collects information from other sources, such as social networking sites, and public records, state and county criminal records. To ensure the security of personal information of people and businesses, the Mobile white pages follow strictly the Privacy and Telecommunications Acts.

How often is Mobile white pages in Who called me updated information?

Mobile phone number listings are constantly updated and changed to maintain accurate data. If there are any changes in the telephone company’s database , they will contact us and provide the new accurate information. Therefore, all of the personally identifiable information on the Mobile white pages is strongly correct, useful for everyone.