What area code is in Victoria?

Victoria currently utilizes 1 area codes that are dedicated for the form of geographic numbers: (03). Accordingly, area code (03) covers these following localities of Victoria including Bairnsdale, Ballarat, Bendigo, Casterton, Colac, Corryong, Drouin, Foster, Geelong, Melbourne, Mildura, Mornington, Numurkah, Portland, Rosebud, Traralgon, Wangaratta, Warburton, Warragul, Warrnambool, Yarra Ranges. Regarding the form of mobile telephone numbers, (04) is applied for the whole country, regardless of the caller's location.

Area codes for cities in Victoria

The following table sets out the form of geographic numbers for use in Victoria:

State/Territory Locality Prefix
Victoria Bairnsdale 0341
Victoria Bairnsdale 0351
Victoria Ballarat 0333
Victoria Ballarat 0343
Victoria Ballarat 0353
Victoria Bendigo 0334
Victoria Bendigo 0344
Victoria Bendigo 0354
Victoria Casterton 0355
Victoria Colac 0332
Victoria Colac 0342
Victoria Colac 0352
Victoria Corryong 0250
Victoria Corryong 0260
Victoria Drouin 0356
Victoria Foster 0356
Victoria Geelong 0332
Victoria Geelong 0342
Victoria Geelong 0352
Victoria Melbourne 037
Victoria Melbourne 038
Victoria Melbourne 039
Victoria Mildura 0340
Victoria Mildura 0350
Victoria Mornington 0349
Victoria Mornington 0359
Victoria Numurkah 0348
Victoria Portland 0355
Victoria Rosebud 0359
Victoria Traralgon 0341
Victoria Traralgon 0351
Victoria Wangaratta 0347
Victoria Wangaratta 0357
Victoria Warburton 0359
Victoria Warragul 0356
Victoria Warrnambool 0345
Victoria Warrnambool 0355
Victoria Yarra Ranges 0359

History of area code in Victoria

The Australian telephone numbering plan has changed many times to deal with the expansion of the subscriber phone number demand.

According to the latest version of the Telephone numbering plan in Australia 2015, the Australian government applied 03 area code for Victoria.

What is White Pages in Victoria?

To make a successful phone call to Victoria, the caller needs to know about the area code of that locality as well as the telephone number of the receiver. If they do't, access the White Pages of Victoria to search for personal information those who callers want to contact.

The White Pages is a phone book that contains the contact information of names, addresses, and phone numbers of residents, businesses, service providers and government departments in Victoria. It helps people in Victoria keep in touch with each other, reconnect with their old relationships, check backgrounds and prevent crime. The White Pages also provides phone numbers, work time, maps, email addresses & websites for local Victoria businesses which allows businesses to promote their products or services and stay in contact with their customers.

How to make a national call in Victoria?

Australia uses eight digit local phone numbers preceded by the telephone prefix of area code. Therefore, users have to dial before someone's telephone number if they want to make a phone call from their place to another area. However, if the caller is located within the same area code of the receiver , you can omit the area code and just dial the last 8 digits. For instance:

  • Dialing from a different cities:

Caller wants to call for the number 5599 9999 in Bairnsdale.

Bairnsdale is in Victoria.

The Area Code for Bairnsdale in Victoria is 03

Follow the format like this: Area Code + Phone Number

Call: 03 5599 9999.

  • Dialing a number within the same city:

If the caller's phone shares the same area code as the called phone, the area code may be omitted.

Call: 5599 9999

How to make an international call in Victoria?

The international phone system allows people in Victoria to make a phone call internationally. An international phone call is made up of three parts:

Country code + Area Code + Phone Number

There are situations when making an international call:

  • Making an International call from Victoria state

To make an international call from Victoria to the UK phone number 07 999 999 999.

The Country Code for the UK is +44

The Australia dial out code (the exit code). Each country has its own exit code, for Australia is 0011.

Follow the international format like this: the Australian exit code + the country code + the phone number

Dropping the first “0”.

Call: 0011 44 7 999 999 999.

  • Dialing an Victoria number from Overseas

If the caller is in Uk and wants to call for the number 5599 9999 in Bairnsdale of Victoria state.

The Country Code for the Australia is +61

The Area Code for Bairnsdale in Victoria state is 0341

Follow the international format like this: Country code + Area Code + Phone Number

Remove the first "0".

Call: +61 3 5599 9999

The + sign on a mobile phone replaces the dial out code.

How to make a mobile call to Victoria from overseas?

Calling a mobile number in Victoria state from New Zealand follows the same process as calling a landline, except dropping the leading "0" from the area code.

Why did the call to Victoria not work?

To a call to Victoria is going through, users have to ensure that:

  • The local number you're dialing is correct.
  • Using the correct dialing format
    (country's exit code + Australia's country code + the Victoria area code + the local number)
  • Dropping off the "0" in the area code from the area code or from the mobile telephone number when calling from outside Australia.

Special prefixes in Victoria

The following codes are used in domestic dialling to serve local activities or give urgent advice in life-threatening situations for Australia people.

  • 000 is the telephone number for Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
  • 106 is used for the hearing impaired with a TTY terminal.
  • 112 is the international GSM mobile emergency telephone number.
  • 1800 xxx xxx is the free phone number for calls from within Australia except from mobile phones.
  • 13 xx xx/ 1300 xxx xxx is the fixed (untimed) low call rate from within Australia except from mobile phones. These numbers can provide source-based routing which are used to connect with customers by organisations such as food chains.

Other State or Territory Area Codes besides Victoria area code

State/Territory Area code
Central East 02
South East 03
North East 07
Central and West 08

Heavily Reported Numbers beginning with Victoria area code

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

South East

Area code

The Australia area code table beloᴡ ѕhoᴡѕ the ᴠariouѕ citу codeѕ for Australia. Australia countrу codeѕ are folloᴡed bу theѕe area codeѕ. With the complete Australia dialing code, уou can make уour international call.

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