What area code is in Taree?

Taree which belongs to the New South Wales currently utilizes (0255), (0265) area codes that are dedicated for the form of geographic numbers. These are the only area codes that serve the area. Area code is an important part which users have to dial before someone’s telephone number if they want to make a phone call from their place to another area.

State/Territory Locality Prefix
New South Wales Taree 0255
New South Wales Taree 0265

To make a successful phone call to Taree, the caller needs to know about the area code of that locality as well as the telephone number of the receiver. If they don't, access the Taree White Pages of Taree to search for personal information those who callers want to contact.

What is the Taree White Pages?

The Taree White Pages is a modern phone book that contains the contact information of names, addresses, and phone numbers of residents, businesses, service providers and government departments in a state or a locality. The Taree White Pages is used to lookup a phone number by plugging a name, location. It allows users to find information related to a person or phone number quickly, exactly and effectively. In the past, the Taree White Pages was released in the form of a print book and delivered to all households in the whole locality. However, today it exists in an online format so that residents can easily access the Taree white pages.

The Importance of the Taree White Pages

Regarding users, the Taree White Pages helps people get to know and keep in touch with each other, reconnect with their old relationships, check backgrounds and prevent crime. As the most trusted data source, it aims to enrich connections and create a friendly society.

For businesses, the Taree White Pages also provides phone numbers, work time, maps, email addresses & websites for local businesses which allows businesses to promote their products or services and stay in contact with their customers. Besides, Taree White Pages makes navigating potential clients connections easy, reliable and efficient.

How to contact someone on Taree White Pages?

Find personal information of an individual in a locality by doing a people search at the Taree White Pages. For instance, to search for an individual in Taree:

  • Click on "People Search"
  • Plug in the person's surname, initial of their first name, and the suburb they live in Taree.

If users are unsure of the exact suburb, they can do a national search or enter a postcode, region or state. If users do not fill this location field, the Taree White Pages will nationally search for the individual information.

  • Click "Search" to begin your search for people in Taree.

After searching, if that person's information and phone number, address are stored in the phone book of that geographical area, users can see it on the Taree White Pages website.

How does the Taree White Pages collect data?

The Taree White pages has a reliable database which is provided by residents on their own, telecommunications service providers and public records. To ensure the security of personal information of people and businesses, the Taree White Pages follow strictly the Privacy and Telecommunications Acts.

How often is Taree White Pages updated information?

Residential listings are updated on a regular basis, business and government listings are also constantly updated and changed to maintain accurate data. The Taree White Pages provide a feature that allows users access to and edit their private details. However, users need to contact your landline or mobile phone service provider before changing their contact information. Therefore, all of the personally identifiable information on the Taree White Pages is strongly correct, useful for everyone.

What is Taree White Pages Connect?

Taree White Pages Connect is a part of the Taree White Pages which allows users to create business profiles, publish and update their business details, namely name, address and category. Business information will be published across the top search engines, social platforms, directories, apps and maps. This website can help boost business visibility, allowing clients to find accurate details about businesses.

How do I access Taree White Pages Connect?

Users can access Taree White Pages Connect after activating Taree White Pages self-service account by following the instructions below:

  • Users will receive an Account Activation email after their Taree White Pages Connect purchase. The Taree White Pages sends this to the email address which users provided when purchasing the product. In the email, users click on ‘Activate’ to set up their accounts.
  • Create and confirm password.
  • Select a secret question and provide the answer.
  • Tick the check box after users have read and understood terms and conditions of the White Pages.
  • Press Activate.

After activating a user's Taree White Pages account, the user's business profile will be displayed on the homepage of the Taree White Pages Connect. When it's ready, click on the 'Update now' button to start using Taree White Pages Connect.

How to make a national call in Taree?

Australia uses eight digit local phone numbers preceded by the telephone prefix of area code. Therefore, users have to dial before someone's telephone number if they want to make a phone call from their place to another area. However, if the caller is located within the same area code of the receiver , you can omit the area code and just dial the last 8 digits. For instance:

  • Dialing from a different cities

Caller wants to call for the number 6599 9999 in Taree.

Taree is in the New South Wales.

The Area Code for Taree is in the New South Wales is 0265

Follow the format like this: Area Code + Phone Number

Call: 02 6599 9999.

  • Dialing from a different cities

If the caller's phone shares the same area code as the called phone, the area code may be omitted.

Call: 6599 9999

How to make an international call in Taree ?

The international phone system allows people in Taree to make a phone call internationally. An international phone call is made up of three parts:

Country code + Area Code + Phone Number

There are situations when making an international call:

  • Making an International call from Taree

To make an international call from Taree to the UK phone number 07 999 999 999.

The Country Code for the UK is +44

The Australia dial out code (the exit code). Each country has its own exit code, for Australia is 0011.

Follow the international format like this: the Australian exit code + the country code + the phone number

Dropping the first "0".

Call: 0011 44 7 999 999 999.

  • Dialing an Taree number from Overseas

If the caller is in Uk and wants to call for the number 6599 9999 in Taree.

The Country Code for the Australia is +61

The Area Code for Taree is in the New South Wales.state is 0265

Follow the international format like this: Country code + Area Code + Phone Number

Remove the first "0".

Call: +61 2 6599 9999

The + sign on a mobile phone replaces the dial out code.

How to make a mobile call to Taree from overseas?

Calling a mobile number in Taree from New Zealand follows the same process as calling a landline, except dropping the leading "0" from the area code.

Area code

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